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Create music from scratch...
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The focus of Lazy River is connecting with musicians & artists to bring your ideas to life through custom sampling, live instrumentation and collaboration.  If you’re an artist or musician interested in recording & learning how produce song ideas, I can help.  I offer recording and mixing services both in-person and remotely.  I also sell beats and sound packs for you to work with and get inspired by! My name is Chandler Cook and I’m an engineer with over 8 years of producing and mixing experience working in several genres with a focus on hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music.  My goal is to provide a meaningful platform for new music and build a community of other people like me who are dedicated to their creativity.  Reach out if you’re interested in working together on a project.  I also host a live stream on Twitch each week, making beats and doing production walkthroughs.  Thanks for visiting the website!

What We Do:

Lazy River Music is a place for artists to carve their own lanes.

We offer affordable recording and mixing for artists.  Our studio offers a full array of industry-grade gear, plug ins, and creative tools.

We regularly cook up fresh sounds and collaborate with local music to create new sound packs and song ideas.  We regularly upload new sounds for you to check out! 

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