‘All Night’ by BadManCozz Prod. Lazy River

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Back in May of 2021, I made a trip out to New York to visit & network with some artists I was looking to collaborate with.  I took the train out to Long Island from Manhattan to meet up with my friends & swing by the recording studio they frequent.  I connected with artists Jay Hype and BadManCozz, who picked me up at the train station and brought me through their city.  We stopped by the studio, then grabbed some deli sandwiches & headed over to the Mastic beach.  We spent the day talking about our music & our aspirations for upcoming projects.  I had the opportunity to play some beats off my Roland MC-101 for Cozz & ‘All Night’ was the first track we decided to execute.


‘All Night’ features BadManCozz’s rich, baritone vocals on top of glitzy atmospheres & chunky drum sequences.  In his verse, Cozz reflects on his busy life, staying out all night to make ends meet, & past relationships.  The beat was created by arranging samples on the MC-101 & recording directly into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  Once the idea was published, I layered more drums, adjusted the levels, and added the secret sauce to finalize the beat.  Meanwhile, Cozz recorded his vocal parts up in New York at the studio and sent them over to me.  I mixed his vocals in with the instrumental & applied the different reverbs and effects.  If you’d like to learn more about the mixing, check out the a video breaking down the mix for ‘All Night’ linked below! After polishing & revising the mix, I sent the track to Nicky Howard at The Fat Mastering for final master.  Cozz and I are extremely proud to bring this project to fruition! You can help us out by streaming it, sharing it, and letting us know what you think! Stay tuned for our next collaboration.  Thanks for listening!

Mixing the beat from 'All Night'

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