D.O.T.S. Battle 1st Place

This past weekend, I competed in an online beat battle hosted by producer Kenny Beats & took home the first place spot over 214 other producers.  These battles have become a weekly event on my stream in an effort to hone my songwriting skills & become a more efficient producer.  The premise of the competition is to create & upload a 1-minute original song idea from scratch in under 60 minutes, incorporating a random audio sample provided by the host.  Once submissions are placed & time is up, you are then allotted time to listen to the other producers & vote on your 3 favorites.  Whichever beat gets the most votes wins the competition, and my submission had the most votes! 

You can listen & download the track if you’d like.  I also put together a beat breakdown video of the competition, watch the full video below.  Unfortunately due to some rule violations by the other top 10 contestants, the battle was ultimately discarded & no prizes were delegated.  I am still extremely proud of myself for achieving this goal & I plan on continuing my participation next Saturday at 2pm EST to test my ability again! You should stop by! twitch.tv/lazyrivermusic.  If you liked the video, please consider subbing for more music production videos! It helps my page immensely.  I’ve also provided a Dropbox link to the sample if you want to give it a shot yourself:          SAMPLE DOWNLOAD LINK

Voting Results:

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