Friendsgiving Concert & Can Drive 2021

The 3rd annual Friendsgiving Concert & Cookout took place on Nov. 18, 2021 in downtown Atlanta at Sound Xtreem Studio.  972 cans of food were raised and collected by the EveryoneEats Foundation through ticket sales from the event, more than doubling their previous years record. 12 artists took the stage throughout the night as sponsors & vendors set up their food and beverage stops.  Fans like myself came from all across the city to celebrate and watch our favorite local musicians perform sets throughout the night.  The venue snugly hosted around 100 people with some outdoor room to cool off and grab food from the grill.  People that showed up brought exciting energy that paired perfectly with the outstanding music.  Acts like Trey Best wow’d the crowd with captivating stage presence.  Ehloh painted vivid reflections on life through his performance of Ego Drip, his 2nd album.  The variety of artists was refreshing and the positivity was contagious.  This was the first year I had heard about this event, and I’m confident that I’ll be back next year.  Links below to artist pages.  Go check out the EveryoneEats Foundation if you’re interested in volunteering & getting involved with next year’s show! 


From the Show:

Photos by Anubis!            IG: @shotbyanubis

Trey Best, Full Performance

Thanks to everyone who showed up, especially all the artists who spent their time and energy on stage.  It was an excellent experience for us all.  Shoutout to all the sponsors for hosting and organizing! ThisIsLiveMusic, Sound Xtreem Studio, Redbull, Revanche, Lyft, etc.

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