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Lazy River is live every Monday and Wednesday afternoon on my all-new twitch channel! Go on over to for producer tips, beat battles, and live studio sessions.  The past few streams I’ve been going over some of my personal favorite producer tips and tricks that I like to use in my productions.  My goal is to build an audience and teach people how to become better music writers and producers! A majority of my inspiration comes from learning new techniques – come learn and get inspired. Come chill, enjoy some music, and learn new things with me! You can even send me a sample from your phone and Ill use it live on stream! I will also be hosting more casual streams playing some video games and answering questions for those of you who enjoy watching.  Regardless of my progress or viewership so far, I’ve come to really enjoy this platform for myself to speak my mind and be myself.  I’ve loved the opportunity to simply record and observe myself during the creative process.  It allows me to dive deeper and refine my skills.  I’m excited to work on some great music on stream with yall, and I cant wait to get better at using this platform. Check out this highlight reel I put together for my stream last week all about the Granulator 2 and some other creative applications for the many wonderful stock Ableton plug ins.  I talk about some different ways to build a new song from scratch using Ableton plug ins.  I also talk some about life in general! I believe there are plenty of musical topics that also apply to the real world and people.  

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