Pack2sour ‘Sublime’

Sublime is a high pace funk/hip-hop fusion track featuring Pack2sour on vocal performance and Jack Watts on bass guitar.  This song was originally written and recorded during a jam session as a freestyle/warmup.  The main loops in the song were created from Jack’s pedal board and layered through Ableton Simpler to create the atmosphere and establish a key.  We recorded Jack on his bass simultaneously as I sequenced the on drum-pad.  The extra textures were achieved using a Roland JD-XI and some side-chain compression effects. By the time we finished the instrumental, Pack had written his first verse and stepped up to the mic.  He tracked his part and freestyled some lyrics afterwards that we ended up using as the main hook.  I had Pack run some various layers on his parts to help the vocals sound wide and cut through nicely.  The second verse was easy once we had everything laid out and Pack had enough real-estate on the beat. As an Easter egg, Jack Watts is actually on vocals in mix as well! We liked the track, so I took the stems back to the lab and finalized the mix.  Pack sent me over the cover idea he whipped up using a couple apps and software.  I sent the mix off to Nicky Howard over at for final pressing.  

From the session:

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