Saharra ‘if it didn’t start sober’ 75k Streams on Spotify

Saharra came to me one day with her acoustic guitar and showed me a tune she had written.  It was so catchy and she had so many different sections already, so I set up a few room mics to record her guitar.  We used the raw guitar recording as the foundation for the rest of the instrumental.  We then stacked various Massive and Kontakt patches for the sparkly arpeggiators and transitions.  Once we found a beat we liked, Saharra tracked her vocals a few times for layering and we organized the instrumental to fit what she had written.  The last element added were those heavy subs to help melt everything together.  

So far, the track has over 75,000 streams on Spotify and is one of our most successful tracks! It was so easy and enjoyable to put together with Sarah. It led to some more amazing collaborations between us including Red Dress and Nightmares!  Making music that puts up numbers does not require a big studio with a bunch of fancy gear and lights – Sometimes the best music comes from focused people with the right knowhow and positive vibes. Check out more of her music, I linked her socials below.

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