Saharra ‘Red Dress’ 1 Year

We are celebrating one year of having released ‘Red Dress’ with Saharra and Pack2sour! The song features some high-class cello samples, hauntingly lush vocals, and tongue twister bars from Pack. The track has picked up just over 61k streams, and is consistently listed as favorite track among fans of both artists.  I thought since October is right around the corner, I wanted to post about this song.  I made that beat at my old place there on Windsor and knew it would be something great once I looped & pitched down those cellos.  I remember when pitching the instrumental to Saharra at the end of a recording session, she immediately was like “send thattt.”   When Saharra and I recorded the song originally, we weren’t sure what to do with the second part.  We sent what we recorded so far to Pack and he agreed to hop on and try a verse.  Within a week, the three of us got together for our final session to lay down Pack’s verse and finish Red Dress.  As an easter egg, the drum mix features some rare cuts of me beatboxing!  

The song strongly represents the musical chemistry and individual talents that each of us have.  We came together in perfect harmony for the hit, looking forward to our next collab! This song & video are perfectly spooky and beautiful – give the track a listen if you haven’t & check out the video if you’re in the mood for Halloween.  Filmed and edited by our friends Garrett Cardoso and Sean Carruthers.   Mastered by Nicky Howard. 

Music Video

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