TASCAM Fiesta Pack I

The TASCAM Fiesta Pack I is a collection of 81 random one shots and field recordings.  I’ve recorded and hand chopped some favorite sounds off of my previous memory card in the TASCAM DR-OX7 portable stereo mic.  The pack contains an amalgamation of sounds including ocean ambience, kitchens, propane tanks, airplane cabins, and city noises.  There are all sorts of wild drums & sound effects to spice up a mix you’re working on, place in a movie you are scoring, or simply looking to expand your sound library.  If you are writing drum sequences, throw some of these foley sounds in there to give your beat unique pocket and swing.  I’ve started making a lot of my recent productions using unique one shots and it has given my drums such a crispy, unique edge.   I added in an Ableton Drum Rack to the pack as well if you work in Ableton by the way! Only $10 to download!

I often used to struggle writing drums for my beats, but learning to experiment with different sounds & allow randomness in my library has unlocked so much creativity for me. Some of my other producer friends and I started challenging each other to create a beats in under 1 hour, simulating high pressure scenarios that the industry might throw at you.  Having a vast and organized sound library will allow you create your ideas more efficiently.  My goal with these sample packs is to create original and fun content for you to fuel your creativity! Thanks for the constant support, can’t wait to hear some mixes y’all make.

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