Watts x Cook Pedal Pack Vol. 1 Beat Battle

In celebration of Lazy River Music launch, we have the first of many sample pack available on the store! It’s only $20 and you get +80 unique sounds and loops.  All sounds in this pack, including drums and drum loops, were created using Jack Watts’ guitar & my Korg SP-250 sent through a pedalboard containing Line 6 HX Effects, Eventide H9, and other interesting granular plug ins.  The drum sounds have an especially gritty, lo fi edge to them.  I’ve also included a custom Ableton drum rack file in the pack as well if you happen work in Ableton.  Just load up the pack, and set the source folder to the Pedal Pack.  I’ve grouped all the drum sounds on the rack and added some basic reverb controls to them.  Try out some of those guitar one-shots too!

You won’t find anything quite like this on Splice or Tracklib, I can guarantee you.  This session was a one-of-a-kind and we wouldn’t be able to recreate the dopeness if we tried.  I love granular synthesis and it’s ability to generate randomness.  At one point, I snagged a few loops where the input sounds like birds chirping.  There are some other incredible sounds in each of the folders for you to browse through.  Feel free to chop em up & use them however you see fit.  

Whoever can flip the best beat with the samples by October 15th gets their next kit completely free! Looking forward to hearing what yall come up with.  Post a snippet on social media and tag me or email me! Thanks in advance for the support, I hope you enjoy the pack.  Check out some previews.

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